Be held for 8 weeks in a sacred container of leaders supporting leaders where you’ll be invited to come completely undone, get REALLY fucking real with yourself, and finally unlock the deepest parts of yourself that are stopping you from leading at your greatest potential.
Already know you want in?
 Journey into the depths of your body, soul, sensuality and business so you can alchemize your greatest gifts and become the leader you are destined to be.
 You’re a bad ass coach, leader or female entrepreneur who’s on a BIG fucking mission in this world. You can feel it in every bone in your body that this is your purpose. To lead. To help others rise. To birth your gifts into the world.

You’re done playing small. And you're even more done with trying to do it all alone. You’re ready to dive deep. No more treading just above the surface.

You know you have SO much more to offer. SO much more potential to reach. SO much more impact to make and people to help.
 But you feel like you just can’t quite get “there”.
You feel like you should know how to do it. You’re at the top of your field and well-educated to say the least. You’ve taken all the courses, programs, masterminds and training out there. You’re trauma informed and you’ve read every book in your field. You know your stuff.
Yet… there’s still something holding you back.
You feel perpetually blocked and stuck. You’re almost tormented by your ambition and purpose and the amount of lives you could change if you could just move past this stuckness.

You fear what others would think of you as a leader if they saw what was really going on behind the scenes and lurking just below your “totally put together” image.

Because in Reality...

  • Your business starts to take off and then comes to a grinding halt… over and over again
  • ​Success continually feels just out of reach. As soon as you think you’ve grasped it, it seeps right out of your hands before your very eyes
  • ​You know your work is worth so much more but you can’t quite get over the blocks you have around receiving no matter how many practices you do
  • ​You hold space for a massive transformation for a client but then go completely limp and need to spend 3 days in bed just to recover
  • ​You land a speaking engagement or sign a new high ticket client and then go into a massive contraction that lasts for days/weeks/months
  • ​You’re hemorrhaging your energy. Always replying to endless emails, taking on too many clients, continually choosing to give your precious energy to something/one outside yourself
Do you ever wonder why all the mindset work, affirmations, tapping and manifesting just aren’t working?

That even though you know “all the things”, ease and flow continually feel just out of reach?

Why as soon as you expand into your full capacity does it all come crashing down?

So what’s the missing piece? Why do you have all the education and training yet still struggle to activate your deepest power as a leader? 
The secret lies within the body.

Past trauma is stuck within your body, holding your nervous system hostage, and stopping you from fully receiving and embracing the expansions in your life.

When you can release these often-unconscious traumas, you free up massive amounts of energy that were previously lodged inside your body and are blocking you from fully stepping into your power.

They’re like untapped gold mines for those who are brave enough to venture inside.
When you liberate this vital life force energy you can tap into your sensuality and sexuality like never before. Even if you previously felt numb, disconnected and unable to feel pleasure.

Not only is your sexual energy (and pleasure!) your divine birthright to experience, it’s also the MOST powerful tool you can use to unlock your life and birth your visions into the world.

When you learn to reconnect to the innate wisdom of your body, release past trauma, regulate your nervous system and tap into your sensuality, you can finally expand into the fullest version of yourself.

This is THE foundation for every other learning and expansion.
It’s healing at the deepest possible level.
No amount of other trainings, courses or knowledge in your area of expertise will get you “there” if you haven’t released the trauma that is keeping you perpetually stuck.

When you create change on this foundational level, it pulses into EVERY area of your life.

...Your business and your capacity to receive expands exponentially, without the crash afterwards.

...Your relationships start to flourish as you’re able to connect with yourself and others deeper than you ever thought possible.

...You come ALIVE with sexual energy that cracks you open to experiencing mind-blowing pleasure and vitality.

… You have a wealth of creative energy flowing freely through you, allowing you to birth your visions into the world with ease.

......You TRUST yourself implicitly, no more mind f*cks!

It is from this FULLY EMBODIED place that you lead EVERY part of your life!
An 8-week sacred container of deep transformation and holding as you connect back to your body, release past trauma, and unlock your sensuality so you can live your purpose as an Embodied Leader.
Step inside, my sister, and take a load off. Let us hold you for a change. Remove the masks that you’re wearing and just be EXACTLY as you are in this very moment. There’s no need to change a thing, love.

This is a space for you to show up in the totality of who you are. In all of the messiness, the “I don’t knows”, the “I’m scareds”, the “I feel brokens”, the tears, the laughter, the joy, the exuberance, the snot dripping down your face. Everything.

 ALL of you is being celebrated in this space. There’s not a single part of you that isn’t welcome (yep, even that one). NOTHING is “too much” here. Trauma, sexuality, how to rebuild your nervous system, money, business, pleasure and relationships are all regular table topics.

Be held in this unwavering safe space as you learn to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body, move through past trauma and unlock your pleasure so that you can finally unleash your greatest gifts into the world and make the impact you were sent here to make.

You Will Receive

  • 8 x 55-Min Weekly Group Coaching Calls
A safe space to show up in the entirety of your being as your FULL UNAPOLOGETIC SELF.

Receive laser coaching from Juliette and Christine, get your questions answered, participate in live embodiment practices, and share your experiences in a deeply compassionate and non-judgmental space.
  • 8 Video Modules with Lifetime Access
 Learn our unique RADICAL RELIEF TECHNIQUE, which has helped hundreds of other coaches and leaders how to quickly use trauma as an accelerator for growth. 

The RADICAL RELIEF TECHNIQUE uniquely layers the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, neuroscience, Gestalt, and Somatic Experiencing.

Through the exploration of this process-oriented technique you will discover how we can work through a traumatic memory and remove the charge associated with it that may have kept you stuck, instead of reliving it. We get to the root cause of the problem and begin to rewire your psyche. The imperative step that other modalities overlook is to complete the trauma cycle and use our bodies in a way that aligns with, rather than upsets the nervous system. This in turn expands your capacity to hold and lead others!

We also explore working with big emotions and sensations, tapping into your pleasure and sensuality, communication methods and so much more.

Discover your unique strengths and gifts as a leader. Learn how to take your leadership to the next, EPIC level so that others turn to you with absolute CERTAINTY that you can lead them to their solutions.
  • Private Facebook Group
Receive direct feedback and witnessing from Juliette and Christine.

Be held, witnessed, and supported between calls in a caring community of fellow leaders.

Ask questions, share your experiences, and create connection with other group members.
⭐ Leadership Blocks to Sovereignty and Receiving Mindset Regression Meditation.

⭐ Erotic Persona Embodiment Meditation​.

⭐ The Re-Invention Journal.

⭐ Regulation, how to self regulate when going through this course.
Here’s what we cover in the Embodied Leadership Method:
Module 1
This module is the building block of The Embodied Leadership Method. You will get REAL about where you are and where you are intending to end up. Even if you don't know your soul's mission... you WILL know by the end of this course.
Module 2
You will go on a journey to reconnect with yourself in a way you haven't before.  Your body is your greatest wealth of knowledge.  We explore how to manage stress psychology, trauma and overwhelm so you have a body that will support the work you are wanting to bring forth.  Everything starts IN the body.
Module 3
In this module, you will continue to build a deep connection to the most amazing resource you will ever have.... YOU!!!
Module 4
Understanding yourself through your experiences.  You will be guided to build the alignment needed to carry out the change you are wanting to make in the world. 
Module 5
Say bye-bye to overwhelm. Learn how to lead from Pleasure now that your body has come back online!
What are some of the sensations you may be feeling and how to vocalise what is going on.
Module 6
Weaving it all together
Besides learning the Radical Relief Technique, you get to master another 2 processes in order to weave all the learnings you have had into YOUR own unique blend that works for you again and again! (and will work for your clients)
Module 7
You are a leader
What are your greatest gifts? How are you bringing these to the world? Sink into the Uniqueness that makes you magnetic as f*ck!
Module 8
Possibilities... What's next?
Now it's time to be brutally honest and notice where you are not meeting YOUR needs so that this becomes the new normal!

When you're an embodied leader, you...

  • Experience ease and flow in your life, business and relationships and stay in it.
  • ​No longer take days/weeks/months to recover after a period of growth or expansion
  • ​Step into massive growth and hold space for huge transformation in your clients without feeling like you’re sacrificing your well-being, health, money, or relationships.
  • ​Become a badass at receiving with a huge capacity for abundance (without the crash afterwards)
  • ​Use your full life force energy to become the leader you were meant to be and fulfil your big mission in this world while feeling wickedly alive.

You Will Receive

  • 8 x 55-Min Weekly Group Coaching Calls
A safe space to show up in the entirety of your being as your full unapologetic self.

Receive laser coaching from Juliette and Christine, get your questions answered, participate in live embodiment practices, and share your experiences in a deeply compassionate and non-judgmental space.
  • 8 Video Modules with Lifetime Access
Learn how to regulate your nervous system, move past traumas through your body, work with big emotions and sensations, tap into your pleasure and sensuality, and so much more.

Discover YOUR unique strengths and gifts as a leader. Learn how to take your leadership to the next, epic level so that others turn to you with absolute certainty  that you will lead them to their solutions.

Learn the tools that have turned hundreds of lives around with our unique Radical Relief Technique.
  • Private Facebook Group
Receive direct feedback and witnessing from Juliette and Christine.

Be held, witnessed, and supported between calls in a caring community of fellow leaders.

Ask questions, share your experiences, and create connection with other group members.
⭐ Leadership Blocks to Sovereignty and Receiving Mindset Regression Meditation.

⭐ Erotic Persona Embodiment Meditation​.

⭐ The Re-Invention Journal.

⭐ Regulation video, how to self regulate when going through this course.
Your Host
Juliette Karaman is a writer, teacher and coach on everything pertaining to relationships and intimacy. She is a Master Coach and Trainer in Accelerated Evolution™️, Orgasmic Meditation ™️, Erotic Blueprint™️ Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a certified EFT practitioner, NLP master practitioner, SENCO, a former professional Dominatrix and a Tantra teacher and Dakini.

She has trained and mentored hundreds of other coaches over the past decade and continues to strive to help hone their skills in order for them to be better equipped at handling the trauma their clients may experience with deep knowledge, ease and grace, creating the ripple effect the world so much needs.

She is deeply trauma-informed and has worked with trauma victims for years. She herself is a trauma survivor so is deeply attuned to what her clients go through. This personal experience enables her to easily understand the connection between the psyche and the body.

She specialises in how to move on from sexual trauma to rebuild an intimate relationship again, guiding them through processes that restore their radiance and unlocks the door to pleasure and possibilities which their bodies are capable of.

Merging her decades of conscious sexuality with the ability to hold deep space allows her clients to regain confidence in their bodies, psyche and relationship to themselves. She is devoted to helping other women rise and feel fully themselves.

She is a mother of 4 young adults who she fiercely loves and she nudged them on from an early age to become independent and sovereign in whatever they choose to do. They are her pride and joy.

She loves and laughs freely and with ease, with an outrageously contagious laugh. She loves intensely and unapologetically and 

Joy, freedom, grief and deep fulfilment for self and others have been key objectives that have shaped Juliette’s professional and personal life.
Your Host
Christine Borschneck has over 20 years experience as a bodyworker, 12 years as a Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapist, and is a certified Erotic Blueprint™️ coach, Accelerated Evolution™️ coach, Hypnotherapist, RMT, NMT practitioner and Usui Reiki Master.

Throughout this time, she’s had the absolute honor of holding hundreds of clients and fellow leaders through deep transformation and healing in the realms of trauma, sexuality, embodiment, pleasure and all aspects of life.

One of Christine's greatest passions is holding deep, unwavering and shame-free space for leaders to move through trauma. In this shielded and nurturing container, they can explore their sexuality and pleasure at a much deeper level than they may have felt safe to do otherwise. This is important because any messiness that needs to emerge can do so at full strength to completely break through! 

After growing up in an abusive and chaotic household, Christine’s body felt so much, so deeply, and was without anybody to help explain or hold her through this. She was left numb, disconnected and armoured. 

Alongside this trauma was also a profound sense of knowing that she was here in this lifetime with a big purpose to help people. So she set out on a mission to find the teachers and mentors who could truly hold all parts of her as she found her way back home to herself, so she could live and lead from a truly embodied place.

Christine leads with a wide open heart, immense amounts of pleasure and a willingness to stand unapologetically in the totality of who she is, with her heart, womb, and mind in complete alignment.

Now, she’s on a mission to help act as a catalyst and safe space for other leaders to explore themselves, release their trauma, and unlock their pleasure so they can unearth their greatest gifts and step into the world as an embodied leader.
You hold a giant container of transformation for your clients.  When was the last time that somebody held you? 

This method hasn’t only offered us MIND-BLOWING results, it has also helped hundreds of other women just like you create a 
FULLY EMBODIED LIFE: trusting themselves, their sensuality, their Turn-On, while feeling absolutely safe and sovereign.  

It allows them to embrace their leadership skills and scale up their businesses to be widely successful while they have a frigging blast! 

We BELIEVE you can all have a ton of fun and joy while learning the skills to enjoy a rock-solid nervous system - which is needed to build your capacity to sustain exponential growth, abundance, love, orgasms and money!

Now, who wouldn't want that?
  • You want to expand and create your business without blowing out your nervous system.
  • You already are a leader and want a proven system of tending to YOUR needs while growing your business. 

How long will you wait to become fully embodied?

  • You are a female leader who is ready to be a badass at receiving with a huge capacity for abundance. 
  • ​You are an entrepreneur who is already bringing a huge mission to the wold and yet the mind f*cks are keeping you stuck in pain and lack!
  • ​You are a leader who is ready to become a super ninja in navigating their and their client's and family's trauma and nervous system.
  • ​You are passionate and want to start to fully embrace your amazing life, full of sensuality and life force while becoming the leader in your industry who creates long lasting change.
  • ​You can step into massive growth and hold space for huge transformation in your clients without fearing having to sacrifice your well-being, health, money, or relationships.
  • You are not ready for powerful transformation at the deepest level possible. Know that when you start working with the body on this foundational level, all aspects of your life will rapidly change.
  • ​You are afraid to step into the fullness of whom you are and fulfilling your life’s mission.
  • You’re not willing to get really fucking real with yourself and explore parts of yourself that you may have never dared to look at before.
  • ​You’re continually hopping from one coaching program to the next, always searching for the next quick fix- 
  • ​You’re a surface swimmer. You’re only looking to tread just above the water instead of diving fully into the depths of your body, soul and psyche.

Just Imagine...

  • A space where you’re able to show up exactly as you are and be unapologetically ALL of you. Especially the parts that you normally keep hidden. YUP THOSE are WELCOME too!!!
  • ​A space where you don’t have to hold it all together so tightly! 
  • A space with an invitation that reads “Come undone, sister", and know that you are being held in a combined exquisite nervous system which is vast and can handle ALL of you! 
  • ​A space where your expertise is honoured and your divine uniqueness celebrated.
  • A space where the leader beside you turns to you and says “Rise, sister rise”.
You don’t have to do it all alone anymore, my dear. 
Bottom-line: Embodied Leadership Method has everything you need to quickly & easily create a love affair with your body, a deep 'KNOWING' how your nervous system works,   and an access to energy from within that you can manifest your dreams from. 
An 8-week sacred container of deep transformation and holding as you connect back to your body, release past trauma, and unlock your sensuality so you can live out your purpose as an embodied leader.

Client ❤ Love

I have been on the course for 4 weeks now and haven't even touched the course modules. My head tells me that I need to study, learn and analyse things otherwise nothing will change. I am laughing here because I am experiencing a dramatic shift having attended just the weekly calls with Juliette and Christine. Their transmission is so clear and loving I feel my body melt every time. The exercises they lead us through really help me land in and feel my body. I have also noticed I connect to my body more often during the day and make better decisions when it comes to real self-care i.e. helping my nervous system relax and regulate. Experiencing connection and community from this space feels safe and soothing - I look forward to every weekly call!

Emilia - teacher, coach and trainer
The name says it all! This program is strikingly different from other leadership programs because it focuses on fully inhabiting our bodies and leading from that vital place. So often we don't! 
I don't know about you, but I tend to live in my head. Being fully embodied can be scary. Our bodies hold so much. 
Fortunately, the most outstanding strength of The Embodied Leadership Method is the incredibly safe space Juliette and Christine create. They share their vulnerability too, and thoroughly lead by example. They skillfully establish a protected container to just be. To be witnessed without judgment. To be held in unconditional love and respect. I felt that ALL of me was not merely welcome but joyously celebrated.
 Juliette and Christine pull no punches, they speak the truth and will respectfully call you out when you need it. But that loving guidance without judgment is exactly what's essential for growth. I entered this program as a coach in training, when I still felt quite unsure of myself and how I could actually manifest the embodied leadership I envisioned for myself. 
The nurturing community, the wealth of information offered and the loving leadership and coaching Christine and Juliette provide will profoundly enhance your own leadership, as it has for me. 
Whether you're a coach, a head of household or the leader of a corporate team, you will find a deeper home in your own body. And the more embodied we are, the more powerful our leadership. 

Thank you, Juliette and Christine, for helping me locate and ground into my own strength. 
 Linda Pannel
The progress I have made in these 12 weeks has been absolutely astonishing! I feel I can hold myself in any company and feel I have so much more access to my body,  which used to feel so unsafe due to so much trauma I have experienced.  

My ultimate vision for my work is to take the most disempowered people -with autism and ADHD, who are traumatised, and have these additional vulnerabilities - help make them the most empowered person in the room through embodiment work. 
Literally guide and show them exactly what is going and no one is going to manipulate you any more! I just feel so excited about that!

This creates such a legacy, and it creates such a ripple effect.  I just keep seeing the Wizard of Oz where you know the wizard was behind the big curtain right and then you open the curtain and say, Oh, well, this wasn't like some big mystery. 
It was just I just didn't know I didn't know to open the curtain. 

My biggest learning was to be around other you two, who have really vast regulated nervous systems, and taught me how to start having that for my self! 

Christine and Juliette have been absolutely stellar, they share their knowledge in bite-size pieces, with a lot of love, humour and ease, which made it so attainable for me!
Samantha Roberts, London
I didn’t know it was ok to feel all emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, and feel all of those in my body. Feeling it inside my body, naming the sensations and feeling comfortable with anything that comes up is different from therapy where you’re always talking. I’m a lot more aware of what trauma feels like in my own body.  These 12 weeks in this group have been more valuable than my many years of different therapy and EMDR.
I used to push myself further and further, ignoring myself without checking in. The exercises in the program were incredibly supportive and I now feel much more confident about myself and my body. 
I pay a lot more attention to myself, I am more confident. I still have my faults but I also tell myself “I am beautiful” and “I’m OK”. 
I love that I can go back through the course and watch it again.
Feeling the energy of the group, even though we are on different continents when one person worked through something, I felt the shift in my own body. Being in a group like this was a real eye-opener. Usually, women tear each other down, judge and criticize but here we celebrated each other, built each other up and believed in one another. The energy in the group was like “WOW”!
I love you both so much and the container you held was so powerful. Thank you.
The work you are doing isn’t just for me, it is affecting everyone around me. I am teaching what I learnt from you to my children, partner and friends.
Celebrating myself and having more confidence is totally new for me. 
I loved this group and your teaching!
Silvia Schmedding-van de Goorberg - Antiquities Expert, The Netherlands
Honestly, before ELM I felt a little hopeless. I believed I was just like this, and nothing could ever change. I desperately wanted to express what was going for me on the inside - but I was so frightened of judgement. I felt gripped by fear, and so I closed myself off from the world. I was a prisoner inside my head. My body would go into meltdown, I couldn't get my words out, or I couldn't find them. I would feel an array of uncomfortable sensations inside, tightness in my jaw, chest and throat, numbness in my hands - you would think the world was about to end.  My heart would beat so fast sometimes. I held myself back from so many opportunities because I didn't believe I was able, and I was so scared people would find out that I was 'completely flawed and was not very good at anything'. Oh, how I wanted to give that sweet smart and loving girl a big hug and whisper to her 'everything is going to be just fine  - it's going to be marvellous'!.

Working with Christine and Juliette is like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket, whilst being sang the sweetest lullaby, followed by a few bumps in the night, that shake you to your core, yet you wake after a restful sleep, you rise and shine, step out of your blanket and shout out to the world 'Good morning glorious world, I am awake and I am ready for a beautiful day with you'.

I finally felt like I owed it to myself to find ME. I was ready to know what it feels like to be embodied. How else would I become an embodied leader who inspires others to be embodied, than to become one myself?

I now believe in myself and allow myself to be vulnerable. Opening up and realising that I don't have to be perfect. I just have to be ME - and that in itself is kind of perfect. It has opened up a whole world of compassion inside. I am very sensitive and was full of anger at the injustices in the world. I was suffering, and I hated seeing people suffer. I still do, yet it feels different. Now I can regulate what is going on inside, and instead 'fight' from a place of love - there is nothing more strong than love, nothing more important than friendship and kindness - that you give to yourself, to others, and receive from others. No longer do I feel like a one-woman warrior without the strength to fight. I now feel supported, loved and guided - I have love on my side. It's ok to feel it all. It's ok to let big emotions move through my system. I can't solve all the worlds' problems, but I can make adjustments in how I let these affect me. This way, I am strong, and I have the strength to make little changes where I can. And that is enough - for now. 

I've feared that I didn't believe that I could change. I didn't believe I could commit to the change either - it was much 'easier' and much 'safer' to stay where I was. But gradually that went away - I made a promise to myself to give it my all. And boy, what a good promise I made. And I'm still making...

I'm going  to be frank. What have you got to lose? And yes I know... there is the commitment of time, money, your 'safe space' on the table. That is scary as fuck - I get you. But look at it like this way, if you will. If you resonate with anything I have said, and you feel completely disembodied, unable to reconcile what is going on inside, then why ever would you not. I know how that feels, and my dear it doesn't have to be that way. What you want to feel is already there just waiting for you to explore. And, sometimes it helps to be lovingly guided & shown where to find it. I believe that when we invest in ourselves and our growth, not only do we grow inside, it ripples out like water in a pond and touches the lives of others. How cool is that! And when we make this investment, life congratulates us and returns to us tenfold. 

Ranelle Chapman
Life & Erotic Coach
Joining the Embodied Leadership Method was like finding the missing piece to what was holding me back in my business and my life. Before joining, trying to run my business felt like a roller coaster that wasn’t getting me anywhere. With every high I’d have an even bigger low - crashing and burning in self-doubt that left me feeling paralysed. It felt physically painful and incredibly exhausting. Logically, I knew what steps to take in my business, but it felt like my body just couldn’t keep up. 

Since joining the method, I haven’t had any big crashes (and still going strong months after!). I feel like I’m making steady progress instead of one huge leap and ten steps back. I’m able to catch and regulate myself before blowing past my edges, so I no longer experience all the exhausting extremes. I have way more awareness and capacity than before. When just one thing would have sent my nervous system over the edge, I”m now handling four of those things with ease. These changes have been deeply foundational and have affected every part of my daily life. 

The depths of safe space that Christine and Juliette hold for expression and transformation is likely to be deeper than anything you’ve previously experienced or even thought possible. I am eternally grateful for their hearts and leadership, as I would not be where I am today without their presence in my life. 

Courtney Ballantyne, Marketing Coach, B.A. Hons Psychology
It’s time to step fully into your mission.
Frequently Asked Questions
What time are the weekly calls?
Weekly calls are Tuesdays at 4pm GMT and run for 55 minutes. 
What if I can’t make a live coaching call?
All calls are recorded and put into the course portal shortly after for you to watch, keep and refer back to.
Do I need to work through the modules to keep up with the calls?
No! This is a self study course and you have lifetime access to the modules. You will not be behind in any way if you only have time to make it to the calls each week. We’ve had participants see massive transformation without even opening a single module. 
What if I am not a coach/leader?
This work is integral to living a fully alive and conscious life, regardless of your career. The biggest prerequisite is that you are ready and willing to dive in and do the work. If this program is calling you, there is a good chance that you belong here. Jump on a connection call with Juliette or Christine to make sure that you would be a good fit!
Are payment plans available?
Yes, you can pay in full or hop on one of our payment plans. Payment plan options are available on the checkout page.
Got another question?
 Feel free to reach out at
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